Congratulations, South Huntington Public Library!

Published on December 10, 2021

The Sustainable Libraries Initiative is thrilled to announce that South Huntington Public Library is now Certified Sustainable!

South Huntington Public Library satisfied the environmental portion of their certification through the Green Business Partnership in 2019. They converted to LED lighting, increased access to recycling bins, and began turning off large banks of lights when day lighting was adequate. These measures helped to reduce the amount of energy used in their everyday operations. The attention to outdoor spaces led to the creation of a Learning Garden where vegetables and herbs are grown. This area is used in educational programs and the harvests are donated to local food pantries.

As they worked through the social equity and financial sustainability areas of the SLCP Benchmarks, the library saw an increased focus on the outward relationships with their community. They began listening intentionally to get a deeper understanding of their community’s needs and saw an evolved and improved connection as a result.

For more information,  view their Final Presentation, read the full press release and see our SLI December Newsletter.

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