Pricing for the Sustainable Libraries Initiative is based on a library’s budget. Membership is paid annually for participation in the Sustainable Libraries Initiative. The Sustainable Libraries Certification Program is optional and requires a one-time fee at the time of enrollment. A Sustainable Libraries Initiative Member may choose to enroll in the Certification Program at any time.

Why do I have to pay?
While we would love for everyone to have unlimited free access to the program, ironically it would be unsustainable on our end. Your membership fees help to support the people (staff) and things (websites, listservs, events, etc.) that make up the building blocks of the Sustainable Libraries Initiative.

Please be advised that once access has been granted to the Sustainable Library Certification Program materials, no refunds or pro-rating of participation fees will be made.

If membership costs are a hinderance to your library’s participation, please contact us about scholarship opportunities and group discounts.

Membership Pricing:

Pricing Effective July 1, 2022:

Membership Type:    
  Annual Membership Certification
Personal: $50 N/A
Library (by Budget)    
0-250K $50 $250
251K-500K $50 $300
501K-749K $75 $350
750K-1M $100 $400
1.01M-3M $150 $800
3.01M-5M $200 $1,200
5.01M-10M $250 $1,600
10.01M-20M $350 $2,000
20.01M+ $500 $3,000
School Librarian $50 $150